Something about VSP and Spammers

Vellusar Space Program, my main project, is now frozen because of Drunken Wresters 2 development. I’m only starting now. The last update of Drunken Wrestlers will come out soon.


Also, there is some deffeculties with VSP wiki, and it is now closed too. It was hardly attacked by spammers (30 new spammer accounts every hour). It will be opened when Vellusar Space Program development will continue.

This site is under attack of  spammers too, and my comment filter removes 20 comments per day.


3 comments on “Something about VSP and Spammers

  1. стас 08.02.2014 14:31

    Очень круто.можешь сказать в какое примерно время выйдет 2 часть игры

    • Skutte Oleg 08.02.2014 19:48

      Не могу точно сказать

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