What will be in Drunken Wrestlers 2?

What new will be in Drunken Wrestlers 2:

All requests will be considered. So there will be a language settings, local wifi multiplayer and possibly networked multiplayer, new mecanics, new controls, new graphics, new maps/levels, save/load replays, character customization, and a lot of other stuff in the game.


Let’s look deeper:

Language settings
A lot of foreigners resented because of language in Drunken Wrestlers. So I decided to make not just a language settings, but an opportunity to modify and load translations. The text in the game will be readed from translation files, which will be stored in game folder.

The game definitely will have a bluetooth multiplayer and possibly network multiplayer a bit later. If network multiplayer will be, there will be character upgrading and customization.

New mechanics
This is worth to focus. I’m planing to make behavior of players similar to Euphoria Engine tech. This is procedural character animation technology used in the final parts of GTA, for example. I want to recreate only character balance keeping because the goal of the game is about balance. Also, I will make possibility to fracture surrounding objects dynamically, and i already bought plugin for it.

New controls
In Drunken Wrestlers were only three control buttons for a character — move forward, move backward and attack. In Drunken Wrestlers 2 there will be two joysticks. One to control the movement of hands, and other for movement control. For example, lowering the movement joystick down will make the player to sit down and then sharply lifting it up will make player jump. A sharp swipe towards the opponent on the hands control joystick will make player to hit the opponent. On PC movement control will be on WASD and hands will be controlled by mouse.

New graphics
Characters and locations detalisation will be improved and normal maps will be used, but minimalistic style will be keeped.

New maps/levels
What else can I say? There will be more interesting and unusual arenas.

Save/load replays
Moreover, if all goes well, it will be possible to share replays by uploading to the server.

Character customisation
I was not thinking about it a lot so far, but the character customization will be decent.



6 comments on “What will be in Drunken Wrestlers 2?

  1. Keel 03.03.2014 19:37

    Is the price going to stay the same?

  2. alpefe 03.03.2017 16:38

    is it going to be free

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